About Us

Carnival Nation World Introduction

The management team of Carnival Nation World is made up of seasoned individuals with special skills in Marketing, Accounting, Finance event promotion, Risk Management, and Commercial Litigation/Corporate Law. Over the past 20 years, the team has arranged the spectacular Canada United States & The Caribbean events. The Carnival Nation World Team prides itself on providing actual entertainment events, and the Toronto Carnival & Spicy Bites Food Festival are no exceptions.

Demographics Reach

Toronto Carnival & Spicy Bites will attract jet-setters from around the world. This includes young fun-seeking professionals between 21 – 45 College & University Graduates. A typical Visitor to Toronto Carnival & Spicy Bites will exhibit the following qualities:

  • A love for food, music, and culture, including Reggae, Soca, Hip Hop, Afro Beats & Pop Music.
  • Fun seekers looking for the ultimate vacation experience
  • Upwardly mobile and Internet savvy
  • Active across all social media platforms
  • Style-conscious
  • Involved in the social and nightlife scenes
  • Uses latest technology and marketing trends to guide material spending.