The Upcoming Events in the Toronto Caribbean Carnival 2016 a three week cultural performing art occasion is awaited by young and not so young alike. Night life, fetes, parties, road show and boat rides are part of the fiery event. Plan your event outing by booking the itinerary with our website. This will help you organize and enjoy the event without any disappointment. There would be melodious leg shaking

  • Caribbean music
  • delicious cuisine
  • festivity
  • jollity
  • High jinks
  • Performing arts

Caribana weekend is the busiest house packed event and a record tourists and locals join in the events through day and night. You will get the feeling you are at Caribbean Islands as Canada is transformed as one such place.

A Rich Tradition

We are your ultimate guide in outlining customized plan for all events. You may be located at far flung areas but through the internet you can do advance ticket booking for Toronto Caribbean Carnival with us. The event is inspired by Caribbean culture. However people of all nationalities enjoy the event. The culture of Caribbean Islands comes alive during the event.

Toronto Caribbean Carnival with its inception in 1967 has become North America’s biggest festival. Its popularity can be sensed from the fact that a three day event has expanded over the years to an exciting three week event. People participate in the event more so at Caribana weekend for its good vibes which is very infectious.

Tourist Influx

More than a million tourists hopefully will participate in the carnival which begins at the first weekend in August 2016. The attraction of Caribana of Toronto is unparallel and varied tourists make a beeline for the event. We offer you the best of Canada in terms of outings in the time constrain available at your disposal. We help you see the best of all events in proper sequence and timely manner. Our cost is competitive and you will not repent having contacted us.

The Background

Toronto Caribbean Carnival popularly called Caribana festival is organized each year in the town of Toronto, Ontario Canada carry forwards and is a tribute to Caribbean traditions. On the last day when it cumulates into the final parade a record of 1.3-2 million tourists and locals is part of it. It is now blending of cultures. We do brisk business through tourist packages and blend the best outings for you.

Our Motto

We understand that the best of Caribana is what tourist wish to witness and participate. People with families, friends, young singles, honeymoon couple, children, from Canada and the United States become part of the carnival in varying durations. Everyone is in the celebration mood. The themed parties are now in vogue. We sell tickets for all events till the last moment of the event. We beat the competition through good management. Our team is very efficient and interactive. They assist the doubtful tourists to organize themselves without delay in time.

The Island People

Caribana was imported to Canada through immigrants belonging to

  • Trinidad and Tobago
  • Jamaica
  • Barbados
  • St.Lucia
  • St. Vincent and the Grenadines
  • Grenada
  • Guyana
  • Dominica
  • Antigua

There cultures vary little but basics are the same. Food, music and traditions mingle in the carnival with little modifications.

The Beats

The toe-tapping music, which one gets to hear is equally varies. It includes:

  • Steel pan
  • Soca
  • Calypso
  • Rock steady

It has its origin from different Caribbean Islands. The latest and the popular songs and tunes entertain the tourists as they dance and enjoy eats or go for boat rides at Empress of Canada or are at Bella Gardens enjoying the open space.

Your Feedback

If you have ambiguity or are in dilemma please free to communicate with us. We will put your doubts to rest by finding solutions so you enjoy the carnival to the fullest. Your feedback is important to us.

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