Second Imij Return to a Reunion and the Road:

When the first “call” and first “visit” happened, I had many a place to go to in my head and in my heart, the “Can you play on the road” question that I knew would come, but even better, from a brother like Peter Samuel and his team.

Well, my phone graced the members around the world, I called
Ooze and Hilton first, Russell third, then Tricia and Bucky. Well off the bat it all fitted into our plan as we were constructing our Grand Reunion in January of 2023,so for sure, we would definitely be interested in the offer to Provide Music for Kinetic Mas!

We look forward to this undertaking with strength and love for our people that we grew up playing music for at home and around the world. It’s an honor to share the Road with the cast Kinetic has put together, you all are definitely in for a musical treat!

See you in 2023

Second imij:

Russell Cadogan, Tricia Kelshall
Hilton (Ghetto Flex) Dalzell
Julius Ooze Cooper
Selwyn Buckmire
Joey Ng Wai
And guest

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  • Start Date
    January 28, 2023 21:00
  • End Date
    January 29, 2023 3:00
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    Anchorage Beach Club
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