2022 Sponsorship Packages

Carnival Nation World

The management team of Carnival Nation World is made up of seasoned individuals with special skills in marketing, accounting, event promotion, risk management, and commercial litigation/corporate law. Over the past 8 years, the team has worked together to arrange spectacular events in Bermuda and abroad. The Carnival Nation World crew prides itself on providing original entertainment events, and the Carnival Nation World is no exception.

Carnival Nation World Brand Demographics

The Carnival Nation World will attract jet-setters from around the world. This includes young fun- seeking professionals (HHI 55k+) between the ages between 21 – 45. A typical The Carnival Nation World will exhibit the following qualities:

  • A love for music and culture including soca, reggae, hip hop, R&B and pop music.
  •  Fun seekers looking for the ultimate vacation experience
  •  Upwardly mobile and Internet savvy
  •  Active across all social media platforms
  •  Style-conscious
  •  Involved in the social and nightlife scenes
  •  Uses latest technology and marketing trends to guide material spending.


How Sponsorship Will Help Your Brand?

Sponsorship provides new avenues for businesses to gain exposure that were previously unavailable. If you are a startup company, sponsoring a local team or event is a terrific method to get your name out there since people are more willing to spread the word about businesses who are doing good things.

Companies support events for a variety of reasons, but these are the most common nine that we see at our own events.

Lead Generation
Businesses sponsoring an event in order to acquire quality leads is the most common reason we see. Being a part of an event where your target audience will be in attendance is a great approach to accomplish this goal! It’s possible to connect with a group of people who are already interested in your company’s products and services at the correct event.

Customer Engagement
Attending events provides an exceptional degree of consumer connection and the possibility for good, personal interaction that fosters client loyalty. Marketers also recognize that the best return on marketing investments comes from keeping and developing current consumer bases. The difficulty is in capturing your consumer’s attention among the constant barrage of interruptions they face at work.

Branding & Awareness
Attending an event is an excellent way for a company to boost its brand. Your organization may grow and convey its brand identity through event marketing. You may use events to display your ideas, thoughts, and name in the way that most suits you.

Social Media & Website Traffic
An abundance of high-quality content may be found in the form of content from major events.When an event is publicized, sponsor’s websites, social media accounts, and other digital platforms see an increase in traffic.

Extended Global Reach
Taking use of a bigger event’s audience and reach allows you to gain visibility beyond the confines of a company’s own social networks, website traffic, and advertising budget.

Sponsorship Packages

Print Advertisement Specifications:

  • Banner – outdoor events 4′ x 10′) $1000
  • Banner -truck parade route 3′ x 8′) $1000
  • Banner – boat cruise 2′ x 6′) $500
  • Business card 3 1/4″ x 2.75″ on/border) $300
  • One-eighth page 5″ x 3″ (w/border) $400
  • Quarter page 5″ x 6.75″ (w/border) $500
  • Half page 10″ x 6.75″ (w/border) $700
  • Full page 20″ X 8.5 ‘(n/border) $1000
  • Front cover tx 2″ (w/border) $1000
  • Back cover 2″ x 2″ (w/border) $750
  • Flyers 50,000 qty 2″ x 2″ no border) $350
  • Flyers 50,000 qty 3″ x 3″ no border) $550

Your Artwork

  • 3 proofs will be provided to clients
  • banner print design included
  • Artwork must be provided, or can be designed by our team for a fee

Target Market
Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary

United States:
New York, New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC, South Carolina, North
Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, Baltimore, Las Vegas, Atlanta, Houston & Dallas

United Kingdom/Europe:
London, Berlin, Switzerland, France, Netherlands

Target Media

  •  Print Ad Placement
  •  Syndicated Radio Advertisement
  •  Digital Media
  •  Popular Bloggers
  •  Various Entertainment Magazines
  •  Different media outlets in North America, UK and Europe

Traditional Media

  •  Flyer Distribution (150,000 Flyers Distributed)
  •  E-mail Collections and Distribution
  •  Street Teams
  •  Promotional Set Ups
  •  Hosted Promotional Parties
  •  Branding at Caribbean Establishments and Entertainment Venues
  •  Radio Advertising in Key Markets
  •  Radio Interviews TARGET MEDIA
  •  Print Ad Placement
  •  Syndicated Radio Advertisement
  •  Digital Media

Social Media Reach

Description Facebook Twitter Instagram Website
Artists 1,108,314 901,272 725,581 NA
DJs 69,994 84,168 236,350 NA
Ubersoca Cruise 129,670 18,656 650 30,000
Promo Team 250,000 65,874 56,000 39,600,000
Total 1,557,978 1,069,970 1,060,096 39,630,000

Total Social Media Reach 42,364,044

Sponsorship Packages

Platinum Sponsor

Price: $90,000
Advertisement Location

  • Carnival parade route
  • Spicy bites food festival
  • Chutney in de park
  • Carnival kingdom
  • Big people fete
  • Drake’s ovo fest
  • J’ouvert
  • Sunny side up breakfast brunch
  • Las lap lime
  • Wicked in white
  • Carnival vibez boat ride + plus additional events
  • Recognition as an activity-area sponsor on the main festival series and individual festivalwebsites, with links to sponsor websites, as well as a custom-made tent with the sponsor’s logo/branding, are just some of the benefits of becoming a festival weekend presenter.
  • Signage, press releases and media promotion will all mention your name (radio, print and social media channels)
  • Banner placement in Activity Area * 2 Full-page color ads in the Festival’s program. Company logo widely shown at all events during two full-page 4-color adverts in The Festival Magazine

On-Site Advertisement

  • Full-Page Ads on all media buys
  • Mentions on all radio commercials and print & web media
  • Banner placement in Activity Area
  • Website ad
  • Co-branding


Gold Sponsor

Price: $65,000
Advertisement Location

  • Carnival parade route
  • Spicy bites food festival
  • Chutney in de park
  • Drake’s ovo fest
  • Carnival kingdom
  • J’ouvert
  • Wicked n white
  • Carnival vibez boat cruise
  • Full Page Ad in Magazine
  • 1. 4 x 8 Banner
  • 2 x 6 Banner
  • Mention on all print media, web media, and radio commercials
  • Banner placement in Activity Area
  • MC acknowledgement


Silver Sponsor

Price: $42,500
Advertisement Location

  • Carnival parade route
  • Chutney in de park
  • Sunny side up breakfast event
  • Wicked in white
  • J’ouvert
  • Full Page Ad In Carnival Passports Magazine
  • 1, 4 x 10 Banner
  • 2, 4 x 8 Banner
  • Mention on selected media buys
  • Social media advertising & more


Bronze Sponsor

Price: $25,500
Advertisement Location

  • Full page ad in carnival passports magazine
  • Spicy bites food festival
  • Chutney in de park
  • Carnival vibez boat cruise
  • Wicked in white
  • 1, 4 x 10 Banner
  • 2, 4 x 8 Banner
  • Mention on selected media buys
  • Social media advertising & more


Parking lot sponsorship

Companies and organizations benefit greatly from this level of sponsorship! First-come, first-served is the rule here (In-kind promotion option also available)

  • Recognition of sponsors near the parking lot’s entrance and exit
  • Sponsorship acknowledgement on each festival’s unique webpage
  • Website sponsor page has logo and unique message (provided by sponsor) from company.
  • Participation in the festival, signage, news releases, and media advertising recognition (radio, print, and social websites)
  • a full-page color ad in the festival

Staff /artist trailer & tent sponsorship

During the festival weekends and the days preceding and following them, our team will be on-site. During this time, our site offices will be housed in trailers. These trailers and tents are open to sponsorship or advertising from organizations. On the sidewalls of our corporate trailers, we provide advertising panels that may be co-branded.

  • In order to have a good idea of what you can do, use your creativity. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or
  • During the festivals, all of our employees must wear the same uniform.
  • Everyone from the security personnel and volunteers up to the CEO and COO are included in this.
  • Wearing a tank top or t-shirt

Miscellaneous in-kind promotion
Price: $15,500
We will have hundreds of staff each weekend and tons of volunteers, too. We will be
looking to provide them with items such as:

  • Sun screen
  • Spf/jp balm
  • Insect repellent
  • Rubber gloves
  • Identification badges
  • Back packs
  • Vouchers
  • Coupons for local businesses and much more!